Business Plan Project Reflection

Rather than write about an article this week, I wanted to reflect on this semesters project. This was a huge learning opportunity and provided me with a portfolio piece that I was proud of. It took our group a little bit to figure out what worked for us from a time management and work division standpoint, but once we took care of that we were able to devise an efficient business and site plan.

After deciding on our topic, we discussed what each of our interests were as well as our strong points as SMAD majors. We boiled it down to a project management specialist, designer, marketer, and analytics/keyword analyzer. From there we went on to work on our tasks individually and come together weekly as a group to compile our thoughts and progress. We noticed towards the end of the project that it would have been beneficial to devise a stronger base plan as we tended to have a lot of overlapping work. There were times we would come to meetings and would have done the same task and had to figure out whose portions we were going to use. Establishing a better work plan from the get go would have enabled us to work more efficiently and spend more time on the back end really perfecting our final presentation. However, this being said, I am still very happy with our final project.

That being said we did a lot of good things as a group. For starters, each member of our group had a piece of the project that they were passionate about which allowed us to further hone in our SMAD skills in an area we all want to work in. We had fantastic group communication from the get go and everyone pulled their weight which made the group dynamics to run very smoothly. I really liked our business plan because not only was it fairly easy to execute and find recourses on, but it was very particular to the college student demographic, something that we all know very well and live every day.

I have really learned a lot from this project. The biggest being the realization that often times in our area of work there are many times where working in a group setting is commonplace. Being able to communicate and work effectively with others (especially those from different backgrounds) is imperative. Finding a group of hardworking, passionate people is key to project success. Another huge take away was establishing group goals and a solid communication early on. I think by combining these two key components, we as SMAD majors can continue to produce awesome work worthy of the industry we are all perusing.


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