Leading In A Small Business

After our lecture on leadership it got me thinking about my role as a leader currently and moving forward in my career. Since a lot of the work I do is independent freelance work I began to think about how I act as my own boss. I looked around online to try and find an article based on such a scenario. Surprisingly, there were a ton of article on this topic. I found one that laid out three key ideas. Setting boundaries, creating an energy maximizing routine, and enforce your peers and yourself.

When it came to setting boundaries, the article stressed the key to figuring this out is seeing what works for you. Start by setting a “x” amount of hour work day or week and don’t deviate from that by underworking or overworking. Maybe this means not looking at any client work after 5pm or taking time out of your day mid day to workout but allotting for that time off later on. This allows you to hold yourself accountable while still getting your work done. Gurnett (the author) says the best part about working for yourself is not having a commute.

Creating a routine that maximizes energy is essential to making sure you are most efficient and effective in getting your work done. This is know as your biological prime time or BPT. The key to tackling this task is putting your highest impact tasks at the point in the day when you are the most alert. For me this is any type of designing or coding that needs to be done. Later on in the day when you are more likely to be tired this is when you can tackle your lower impact tasks like checking email or scheduling work. The more productive you are at work will mean the more free time you will have later.

When she got to the section about enforcing that you are in fact at work it gave me a laugh. Most people assume that because you work from home or on your own time that you are free whenever. You can certainly fool yourself into thinking you have free time when that time is supposed to be work time. She talked about enforcing that you are working to your friends, family, and yourself. Slacking off wont have any immediate consequences but will catch up with you when you aren’t caught up on your work.

View the article here.


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