Responsive Design

After Brad Frost came to talk to our class about his career and book I decided to check out his work about responsive design. This then got me interested in furthering my knowledge of responsive design. I found an interesting article by Jeff Eaton advocating responsive sites and why they are the industry standard in current web design. The article begins by explaining how to properly plan for creation of a website by way of wire framing, page layout, style tiles, etc. It mentioned how creation of a strictly desktop site is cheaper; it doesn’t pay off in the long run when mobile usage for phones and tablets become necessary. In addition, making sure that your mobile site is similar in layout and functionality of your desktop site is crucial. Users want a product that can is uniform across all platforms. Similar to an earlier post I wrote, this article mentioned focusing more on the development of a mobile friendly site over a fully developed app for HTML and CSS reasons. It ended by saying that as a web designer it is almost commonplace to design a mobile site, responsive to all devices.

I then went back over to Brad’s site where I explored his use of responsive design and layout. I noted a few things that worked very well. The main idea being the use of fluid, full screen images that really added to the visual design of the site. Brad mentioned how loading massive images for a mobile screen isn’t a good idea from a performance standpoint and to avoid text in images, especially for fluid images whose size are subject to change. The biggest takeaway was setting up columns and page layouts that scale appropriately across platforms. The article also touched on performance and speed of load-ability, similar to what I have learned from Brad’s article and coursework. Ensuring that images are properly sized, videos play on command, and the code is properly written are all important when making sure that pages will load quickly and properly across all media platforms.

Though I haven’t had the opportunity to design a site strictly for mobile devices I am eager to see how writing a site for all devices would perform. Knowing what I have read and what I have learned in my SMAD coursework I feel confident enough in my abilities to design a site that not only works as a functional website but also is laid out in a way that is visually appealing and functions.


The article can be read here.

Brad Frost’s website.


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